Clamshell: 2021-03-16

Recent news in tech in a clamshell

  • Java 16 is now available!
  • Java Recognized as the Favorite Programming Language
  • Dolt
  • is-website-vulnerable
  • GitDorker
  • basic-computer-games
  • yawkat/code-browser

Java 16 is now available!

Download now: Release notes: JDK 16 Documentation

Java Recognized as the Favorite Programming Language

DZone (one of the world’s largest publishers of knowledge resources for software developers) announced that Java was selected as the favorite developer programming language by the DZone audience with 84% of the votes from over 5,000 members. See also Java Recognized as the Favorite Programming Language.


Dolt is a SQL database that you can fork, clone, branch, merge, push and pull just like a git repository. Connect to Dolt just like any MySQL database to run queries or update the data using SQL commands. Use the command line interface to import CSV files, commit your changes, push them to a remote, or merge your teammate’s changes.


is-website-vulnerable finds publicly known security vulnerabilities in a website’s frontend JavaScript libraries, here is also a Docker image: lirantal/is-website-vulnerable.


GitDorker is a tool that utilizes the GitHub Search API and an extensive list of GitHub dorks that I’ve compiled from various sources to provide an overview of sensitive information stored on github given a search query.


basic-computer-games is an updated version of the classic “Basic Computer Games” book, with well-written examples in a variety of common programming languages.


yawkat/code-browser is an online browser for java open-source projects. Aims to replace the now-defunct grepcode. See its GitHub repo too.