How to Build a Blog Like This: Content

Jonatan Ivanov

This is the second post of a series, you might want to check the first article (Intro) before reading this.

Hugo is very flexible in terms of configuration and organizing the content, you have a lot of options and you can do things in various ways. This might sound great but if you ask me, I rather like opinionated things where I don’t need to put a bunch of effort in figuring out best practices but the framework gives those to me (Convention over Configuration™). Unfortunately, this is not the case for Hugo.

How to Build a Blog Like This: Intro

Jonatan Ivanov

The whole thing started with: “I think I want to create a blog”. I had a few ones before, those were either all-in-one hosted solutions or self-installed WordPress sites. WordPress was a tempting pick this time (as always) but I’ve played a little with Jekyll and Hugo recently and I liked them. So I negligently threw the red button with the text “Deploy WordPress” back to the shelf and I brought up a little toolbox that has the text JAM Stack on it from my shed (not bikeshed), also I liked the idea of hosting the blog on GitHub Pages.