Clamshell: 2020-06-07

Recent things in a clamshell


  • GitHub Design Updates
  • How to write a (toy) JVM
  • Love it or Hate it, Java Continues to Evolve
  • Architecting Low-Latency Java Systems at Massive Scale
  • Java at Speed
  • pwned our helpdesk: GLPI 9.4.5 SQL Injection
  • JetBrains Technology Day for Java
  • 97 Things Every Java Programmer Should Know
  • Migrating Spring Boot’s Build to Gradle
  • TIL: break, const, goto in Java
  • Mob Programming
  • Don’t Do Microservices If You Can

Clamshell: 2020-05-31

Recent things in a clamshell

Including The Best of the JDK Face-Off, Java Magazine 2020 May, Free eBooks from Springer, Spring Boot 2.3, Raspberry Pi 4 and more.