Clamshell: 2020-10-05

Recent news in tech in a clamshell

Jonatan Ivanov
  • Hacktoberfest 2020
  • Oracle Developer Live Java 2020
  • Java InfoQ Trends Report (September 2020)
  • Awesome Cheatsheets
  • A convenient list of essential Java 15 resources
  • GitHub Code Scanning is now available
  • A Picture of Java in 2020
  • Microsoft Windows XP Source Code Reportedly Leaked Online
  • The Garbage Collection Bibliography
  • Is High Quality Software Worth the Cost?
  • How do lambda expressions really work in Java?
  • duf
  • diagrams

Clamshell: 2020-09-21

Recent news in tech in a clamshell

Jonatan Ivanov
  • The Arrival of Java 15
  • Announcing Tribuo, a Java Machine Learning library
  • GitHub CLI 1.0
  • Microsoft reveals findings from their experimental undersea datacenter
  • OpenJDK: In the new age of Concurrent Garbage Collectors
  • Four common pitfalls of the BigDecimal class and how to avoid them
  • Venkat Subramaniam: Java is changing in a responsible manner
  • Why and when you should use JPA
  • Best Intellij IDEA Plugins
  • Security by Obscurity is Underrated
  • Never Skip Retros

Clamshell: 2020-08-23

Recent news in tech in a clamshell

Jonatan Ivanov
  • Stack Overflow 2020 Developer Survey
  • Beyond Java 8
  • Patterns of Distributed Systems
  • Microsoft OSS
  • Java at 25: Features that made an impact and a look to the future
  • 25 Years of Java: the past to the present
  • Java 15 - Innovating for modern application development
  • Researchers Exploited A Bug in Emotet to Stop the Spread of Malware
  • Groovy Podcast
  • The ReadME Project