Clamshell: 2020-07-05

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Jonatan Ivanov
  • Why Developers Keep Making Bad Technology Choices
  • The Best Code is No Code At All
  • Delay startup of your Spring Boot application until your DB is up
  • What Is a Distributed Application?
  • Project Loom Early Access builds are available
  • How Did Vim Become So Popular?
  • Continuously Measure Site Performance With Speedlify
  • New Lego Mindstorms kit
  • Add to your GitHub profile
  • Best of the JDK Feature Face-Off final vote

Terminal Fun: Basic Utils Part 2

Jonatan Ivanov

This is the second post of a series where I want to give some tips and tricks for the Terminal/CLI.
In the first post, I showed a few very handy tools like bat, exa, multitail, diff-so-fancy, delta, prettyping and htop/gtop/vtop.
This post is going to be a little longer so buckle-up, put your helmet on, grab a … frying pan and have fun.